Douglas- Tusk the Grey Narwhal

Douglas- Tusk the Grey Narwhal

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What do you get when you combine a porpoise with a spiraled horn? The answer is Tusk the Grey Narwhal stuffed animal!  This fanciful “unicorn of the sea” doesn’t get any better than our cuddly plush whale. Waves of gentle, grey patterns give Tusk a realistic look that’s also scrumptiously cuddly. And for even softer hugs, we’ve stuffed him with the highest quality polyester fill. Tusk features bright, shiny eyes for a lively look that’s certain to enchant. His pose holds his head high to show off his pride and joy, a long, pale colored tooth that has brought widespread recognition and favor to his unique species. Bring home a lovable Narwhal of your own with Tusk the Grey Narwhal plush!

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Dimensions 17.5 in

24 Months & Up


17.5" Long


(44 cm)